Stephen B.
Apprentice Home Claims Adviser
Business Function ApprenticeshipsClaims
Location Glasgow

About Stephen

Key Experiences

From studying Physical Education to working within insurance.
I left school to study Physical Education at the University of Edinburgh. However after my second year I decided this wasn't the role for me. I was open to work in a variety of roles and industries but fundamentally I still wanted to be able to help people, work in an exciting area and also have the opportunity to learn and develop as I progress. Then I discovered an opportunity to do an apprenticeship in home claims and after my research into the role and the business I thought this would be a good fit for myself and apply my skills I have learned to full advantage.

Current Position

I work as an apprentice in home claims response.
As an apprentice I work as a home claims response adviser but I also study for qualifications for insurance and also have to complete a level 2 and level 3 in providing financial services.

As a home claims adviser I speak to customers to register new claims and help the customer as much as possible. However it is my responsibility as an adviser to take the information from the customer about the incident that has taken place and check if it can be covered under the policy. No claim is the same as circumstances are different for each customer. I also deal with existing claims which varies from reviewing reports from suppliers to paying invoices.

As an apprentice I get allocated time off throughout the week to study for my insurance exams and work on gathering evidence for my Providing Financial Services qualification. There are 2 exams that need to be completed and an external trainer will help with the studying, provide guidance and provide tutorials. I also have another external trainer that verifies the information gathered for my Providing Financial Services qualification.

Main Motivations

Always learning and help customers as much as possible
Working as a home claims adviser, very often there will be situations when it is not clear what has caused the damage or when the damage took place and also what the full extent of the damage is but through the use of specific questioning to gather information it may become clearer. However on occasions there will be times when I need to refer situations as I am unsure. There are a variety of personnel and resources I can utilise to find more information.
These include my colleagues, different departments who deal with different types of damage, team leaders, speak to suppliers and there are internal resources I can use when unsure. These are the times when there are opportunities to learn and gain experience by dealing with difficult circumstances which can help in the future.

But by also doing this I am trying to help the customer as much as possible when things go wrong and can reassure them on what we can do to help, which is very rewarding.

Top Advice

All experience is relevant and stay hungry in the role
No matter your past experience or what you have done, you will have gained from these. I come from a very sports specific background and I used that experience to become the person I am today and also used it to get the job I wanted. Through playing and coaching various sports I have built leadership skills, I can communicate well, I have presentation skills, I understand people and I am able to support and encourage people. However I am not the finished article and will never be and I am always striving to learn more to become better.

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