Rabia K.
Direct Marketing Manager
Business Function Marketing and Comms 
Location Bromley

About Rabia

Key Experiences

From studying History at Nottingham to managing Marketing campaigns
I studied History at the University of Nottingham, not really sure of what career path I wanted to pursue, but upon graduating I was lucky enough to land a three month contracted position at Direct Line Group as a Customer Communications Consultant. Now, it's nearly four years later and I've had three more positions at DLG, where I've managed to progress and develop in my career, with a real passion for Marketing.

As a communications consultant I was responsible for working on mandatory transactional customer communications. After nearly a year of learning the ropes, I moved into the role of Campaign Manager - which was a more explicitly marketing role, working on mail and email direct marketing campaigns. Again, after nearly a year I became the Senior Campaign and Engagement Manager in the team, where my responsibilities widened to CRM and customer engagement communications.

Now, I work as the Direct Marketing Manager at DLG, overseeing a team of 7 who manage all direct marketing campaigns and engagement communications across the group's brands and products.

Current Position

I oversee a team that manages all of DLG's Direct Marketing campaigns
As Direct Marketing Manager, I oversee a team of 7 Campaign Managers and Marketing Consultants who are individually responsible for delivering campaigns for the different brands and products we have at Direct Line Group. We deliver targeted campaigns, primarily through direct mail and email channels (or 'below the line' channels) to drive customer responses through quotes and sales. Some of the work the team does is also not just about driving new business, but also engaging with our existing customers to build relationships through regular communications. This can include email newsletters, as well as telling customers about new product pilots or exclusive benefits.

Main Motivations

Working with different people within and outside of the business
One of the things I like most about my current role is the number of different people I get to work with. In my team we get to work with a number of external suppliers and agencies to deliver our campaigns, but also a wide variety of internal teams. This stretches beyond the initial wider Customer Marketing team, to the wider overall Marketing team - working with the Brand, Propositions and Financial Promotions teams to name a few. Even beyond that, the team is often working with players outside of the marketing department including the Product and Category teams, Underwriting and Compliance. This means lots of visibility of things that are happening across not just the department, but the business, with an opportunity to be part of something bigger than just your day job.

Top Advice

There are always opportunities to learn more
One of the great things about working at DLG is the opportunities available to you for continued learning and development. This can be through courses and qualifications, which there is real support for, and I personally have taken great advantage of in completing my IDM Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing, among other short courses and events. But also this can be through moving around different teams and positions and learning from those around you. I have worked in two teams in my time in the DLG Marketing Department, and both have taught me different skills. Everyone I work with also has different skills and expertise in different areas, and you can always learn a lot from those around you, so long as you take the time to listen and have an open mind.

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