Pete B.
Lead Digital Product Owner
Business Function Digital 
Location Bromley

About Pete

Key Experiences

I started in Sales and am now Lead Product Owner in Digital
If my career was a line graph, the first half would show big spikes in terms of diversity of roles and then it flattens out for the second half where I've found a bit of a niche for myself.
The move that opened up new doors for me was moving out of an operational role into a project as a subject matter expert. It exposed me to working using Agile and Scrum. It was a big change for me and took me out of my comfort zone. I learned so much and it was this move that is the reason I am currently in the Lead Product Owner role, 9 years later.

Current Position

I manage a team of Product Owners responsible for product delivery
We live in a digital age and just because we are an insurance company, often associated with antiquated methods, doesn't mean we are not riding a wave of digital change. Sitting behind all the great websites we have is a team of Product Owners who are there to wear the hat of our customers, ensuring that everything we do improves the customer experience and ultimately makes insurance easier for our customers.
The Product Owner is responsible for what work gets prioritised and when it gets completed. It's a rewarding position; if someone asks a PO what do you do, you can fire up one of our many websites and instantly show someone exactly what it is you've been working on and why we did it. A great PO is able to create excellent relationships through building understanding and trust with customers ad stakeholders and my job is to help provide the team with those tools they need to help them be the best version of themselves.

Main Motivations

Helping people achieve their ambitions through teamwork & self belief
Seeing people grow and achieve cool things is why I do what I do. I love empowering talented people to harness their strengths and using the awesome Digital team we have at DLG to provide a great online experience for our customers. I love seeing a piece of work that we've delivered move one of our KPI's in the right direction. That means we've done something that our customers clearly have resonated with. Sometimes we don't always get it right and that's ok, because in the PO role it gives you chance to test another idea. Ultimately, the PO is in control of what we release and what we don't. It means having some challenging conversations sometimes, it's not easy telling someone their work request hasn't been prioritised, however we use analytics to back up our decisions so we ensure we're moving the dial on the big things.

Top Advice

Check out our Values and live by them every day
At DLG, we measure performance using two metrics; WHAT you've done and HOW you've done it. Our Values are the HOW. I've managed to move around the business into areas that I have no experience of. For example, I moved from Sales to Claims in a Team Leader capacity without any claims experience. I joined a huge business transformation project without any project experience. The point here is during the interviews it was my approach to tasks and people that went in my favour, not my technical knowledge. One of the questions your employer will be asking themselves is "will I be able to work with this person?" so focus on the HOW just as much as the WHAT when answering interview questions.

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