“ Do you have any practice interview questions? ”

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Thank you for your question. I would always encourage you to research Direct Line Group and the role you are applying for. There's a lot of information in the "Who are DLG" section of the website, having a look at this will really help you understand our company values and all our brands. Make sure you have read the job description fully and any additional information sent with you interview invitation.
We ask a variety of questions, depending on the job the interview’s for. But generally, there are three types of question we might ask.
The first one’s a specific question about a particular work situation. So, we might ask you how you’d deal with an angry customer. If you’ve got an example of how you’ve dealt with this in the past, then that’s great. If not, it’s a chance to show your skills, experience and ability to think on your feet.
The second type of question is an open-ended, more general question, such as: What is good customer service? This is designed to see how much you understand about the job and the company’s culture.
The third type of question will usually aim to find out about your character and personality – how you might fit into a team, or a high pressure atmosphere, or how self-motivated you are. Try to be as detailed as possible, this is your chance to let us know all about you. It's also your chance to find out more about us so try and think of a couple of questions you might want to ask us as well.
Hope this helps!

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