“ What do you think makes the DLG graduate scheme special? ”

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to Joanna B. Graduate, Direct Line Group

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There's quite a few things that make the DLG Graduate scheme special so I'll list off what I like about it, and I'm actually sat with other grads now so I've asked them for their input so it's not all from me :) . Firstly, the people are great, we have recently been voted the 3rd best large company to work for on the Best Companies List and you really do see it in the culture of DLG! There's a really good culture where people are friendly and supportive. Secondly, the DLG graduate scheme lets you do a rotation around the whole of DLG as a company so you get a really broad network, and you get such a different experience of the business. I recently completed a rotation working with engineers and our network of repairers, which was such a different experience to HR and stretched me in a whole different way. This is really valuable as it gives you useful experience and challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and challenges your ideas of what you had planned for your career. You also get to meet a whole group of grads and you will know people all around the business. Thirdly, we do a rotation in a front line placement, so I am training for Motor Claims Response at the moment. This is such a valuable experience as it opens your eyes to what DLG does every day and the real core functions of our business. Fourth, you get support to develop and grow and see where you want your career to be! Feel free to ask any questions about what you're interested in, as this comes from me and a few other graduates, but what you might want could be different to us.

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