“ What are the most common interview mistakes and how can I avoid them ? ”

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Hi there, I think a really common mistake that a lot of people make is forgetting to expand on their answers and give clear examples that link back to the question they've been asked. I think one way around this is to always go through the Job Description before an interview - pick out all the key skills/ experience they are asking for and think of a time when you have demonstrated these skills in your current role or a previous role then have that example to hand in the interview.

Below is an example of this;

Q: This role is really fast paced and busy how would you cope?

Average answer : I am really good at multi-tasking and my current role is super busy

Good Answer: In my current role I am currently working on 5 projects and how I have juggled these is by keeping a detailed tracker what has been done so far, so nothing is missed out, and then making to do lists every morning with allocated time slots for each activity.

I think another mistake we are all often guilty of is worrying too much about how we are being perceived by the interviewer, and the company, that we forget that it is also an opportunity to understand if it is the right role for us.

It is also disappointing when candidates haven't found out about the organisation before interview, the website is full of really useful information about DLG, and of course you can always ask our Insiders what it's like to work here. Demonstrating a good understanding of the company not only shows you are interested in working here but will also help you to know if it is the right place for you. I hope this helps?

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