“ Where can I expect to be 5 years into the graduate scheme? ”

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to Joanna B. Graduate, Direct Line Group

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Hi Luca, we’re currently in the third year of running the scheme, so I don’t have examples to draw on for you for 5 years! However, where you want to be will depend very much on where you want to go. The purpose of the scheme is to develop future leaders for Direct Line Group who are flexible and able to respond to the changes in our business and our industry. So, DLG is proactively developing the leaders that we will need in the future. If you look at the insurance industry there’s a lot of changing needs and demands that we will need to respond to, such as driverless cars and connected home technology. This means that we will need people to be able to lead our business and adapt effectively to these changes to make sure we can create the right solutions for our customers, and keep DLG competitive in a rapidly changing world.

However, I would say that this is a generalist future leaders scheme. That means that there isn’t really a one size fits all for where people should be five years down the line that I can give you, as what each graduate wants for their career path can be very different. Also, each grad will be on their own development pathway, so you might be an excellent leader at some things, but need more work on others. For example, you could be confident in 1 on 1 situations but need more development on leading large groups – or the complete opposite!

Although we don’t have a strict prescription for where people should be five years down the line, that means that you will be able to take an active role in shaping where you would like to be in five years. The real advantage of this is that the graduate scheme is always learning and improving the experience, and it means that you can shape your career and work to get out what you want from the scheme. You can progress your career according to the journey you want, and where you would like to end up.

The graduate scheme is designed to develop you to be the kind of future leader that DLG needs. So, during the three years of the graduate scheme you will get a rounded understanding of how our business works, during different placements that help you to grow. I’ve gone from being in HR to working with Claims and our network of repair centres, which has given me a different perspective on how HR works as I can see some more about how different parts of DLG operate. You’ll also have insight into the front line during your call centre placement, which will give you an understanding of how we interact with our customers. These aren’t standard experiences in the business, which will put you in a good position to drive your career and to understand some of the differences in our business. You will also get soft skills development through workshops and support for your development in different placements which also put you in a good place for your future career development.

So, I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you where you can expect to be, but you can get out from the scheme what you want to put in, and to choose your own journey within our business

Luca C.

Hi Joanna,

Thank you very much for this - an amazing level of detail! Sounds like the world is your oyster if you throw yourself into the scheme.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your time!

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Hi Luca,

No problem at all, and best of luck with your application!

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