“ What support do you get as a member of the graduate scheme? ”

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Hi Ross,

On the graduate scheme you'll have a range of support from different places, which you'll end up drawing on at different times.

Firstly, you will be supported by your manager and peers, especially in your first placement where they'll know that you're learning a lot about the role and the company. A lot of the managers at DLG are really supportive and are aware of the challenges you can have as a grad. They can support you to understand the role you've taken and the structure of the department you're in, as well as helping you identify the hard and soft skills you'll need.

Secondly, you'll have central support from HR, as we have a grad scheme coordinator who's there to listen and see how you're doing and who provides placements to work on your development. The support they give will vary on what you need, so I've asked for advice on a range of topics from her. They also organise workshops to help with your development, such as a presentation workshop which I've found has changed how I present now! You also have online resources placed into your work plan every month to support on different areas (e.g. written communication in business). They have some processes in place to support you with parts of the graduate scheme (for example, I appreciated the support from work when I moved placements as I was given opportunities to take time away from work for viewings).

Thirdly, you've got a network of grads and peers to support you. I have a grad buddy and now they have a system of catch-ups where you talk to a grad who can be in a different job or area to you to see how you're doing and to learn more about different areas of the business. I've found it really helpful to check in with other grads and I've asked my buddy for advice on things like preparing for 121s. I also caught up with the grad who's first year placement was in a similar team to my second year placement who gave me a lot of really good advice and background.

Fourthly, I'd say that the community in DLG as a whole is supportive and there's an understanding that as a grad you will be learning about a lot of different things as you go! I've just come back to Leeds from a day in Bromley catching up with areas of Claims to understand what their roles are, as I'm familiarising myself with that area of the business. I've spent time with a range of different teams which has been really valuable to help me learn more about what they do and their day to day. It's quite easy to email someone and say you'd like to learn more about a different area and get their input.

Lastly, I'd say that it depends on you and the kind of support you want. I've learnt that there's a lot of support in place already with your manager, HR, and the grad networks. If you find you need a particular area of support, like me working on understanding claims processes closer, if you reach out then someone will help you. I had a mentor and a manager during some of my first year, which was really helpful as well, but this isn't organised centrally as if we allocate each grad with a mentor they might not have this connection. If you find you want that kind of support then that is also there - it's just a case of reaching out and organising it. I've also done speed mentoring with some exco members when they organised this.

You also have the standard support that we have at DLG as well, such as the introduction of mental health first aiders on each floor, and an employee assistance helpline but I've focused on my grad specific experiences here.

Hope this helps, feel free to follow up :)

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