“ What opportunities are there for career progression after the graduate scheme? ”

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Hi Charlie,

That's a good question! We're in our third year of running the scheme, and as it's a three year scheme DLG is in the process of working out the type of roles that the third years will go into when they finish their final placement. (The scheme has one one year placement, two six month placements, and one third year placement, and then you roll off the scheme).

The role that you go into will vary on your desired career path, as the career progression one grad wants might differ to another grad, and it'll vary based on how your development is going and how ready you are for types of roles. However, as a graduate you'll roll off in your third year with knowledge of how the business fits together, and you'll have been developed to put you in a really good place for your career.

The advantage of this is you really get to shape your own career as the scheme is still forming, so you can drive where you would like to with your career progression throughout the scheme.

After the scheme, I'd imagine your career progression will be whatever you drive it to be, so if you wanted to leave your third year and enter a specific type of role or responsibility, you can take ownership of this and develop the skills you'd need to enter that place. There's a lot of support in DLG to get people to where they want to be. You'll also be in a really good position as you'll have had exposure to parts of DLG that not everyone gets to see, such as your frontline experiences and the development you'll have had in different placements in varied parts of business. You'll also have had a real developmental focus in your time on the grad scheme to give you the skills to get your career where you want it to be.

Charlie W.

Sounds like you can go a long way if you've got the ambition! Thank you Joanna :)

Graduate, Direct Line Group

No worries :) best of luck if you chose to apply!

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