“ As a recent applicant, what advice would you give to someone going through the application process? ”

Steffano D. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to Joanna B. Graduate, Direct Line Group

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Hi Steffano! I would say to relax and try to remember that it's a two way process, it's not just about how you would fit into the role and into working at DLG but it's also about making sure that you feel that our company fits your values.
Following on from that, it's worth doing some research on us as a company, such as our values, departments, and what it's like to work here. You can learn some more about our brands and our day to day, and that will help you feel more comfortable going into the interview and it'll show you understand a little bit about what makes us special as a company. Then make sure you're comfortable with what the role is, and where your previous experience fits in.
Also - just again - remember to relax as much as you can before a job interview as your interviewers will be human, and they'll want you to do the best you can!
Prepare for some STAR questions, Subject Task Action Response, and maybe tailor them towards what the role you're applying for.
Then, come in and show us what you can do!
Are you applying for the graduate scheme or a role with an assessment centre by the way? I'll happily give you more assessment centre tips but I don't want to confuse you if you don't need that info.

Steffano D.

Hi Joanna, thank you so much! Really handy to get your thoughts on this. If I make it through the early stages there is an assessment centre, so would love to hear your thoughts on that too!

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Sure thing! So you might have a telephone interview or a video interview before. For the telephone interview I'd make sure you've prepared some answers using STAR, and you're confident on why you want to work at DLG in particular, and why you want to do this role.
When you go into the assessment centre remember that it's not a competition with the other applicants, as I know a few other grads who met at the assessment centres! I think it's possible for no one to go through from an assessment centre or for everyone to go through (although I've never heard of the last!).
Also remember to stay open minded throughout the day as you'll have a variety of tasks to do, both with and without other graduates, and stay positive. If possible, try not to second-guess yourself as you don't know how you'll have done on a task until the end - so I thought I'd scored badly on a few that I actually did well at and vica-versa.
Bring a positive attitude and show them all what you can do and why you want the job here :) I'm sure you'll do great!

Steffano D.

That's so helpful Joanna! Thanks very much, hope you have a great day

Graduate, Direct Line Group

No problem, and good luck! :)

Andy L.

Very helpful to get an insight in the process, thank you.

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Thanks Andy! It's great to know that it's helping other people too!

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