“ How is your work in the Affiliate channel different from other Marketing roles? ”

Lorna W. asked a question in topic Career Choices
to Jade B. Project Delivery Officer, Direct Line Group

Project Delivery Officer, Direct Line Group

Hi Lorna

Affiliates are a specialised channel and discipline within marketing. Therefore in my role I solely focus on how affiliates can add volume and value to the business. Other marketing roles (like marketing/brand managers) can be more generalised, managing the top level of a number of different channels and campaigns.

In affiliates we have close relationships with a number of partners. On a daily basis we are working with them to pull leavers and optimise how we work to perform better.

The similarities are that we are all working off the same branding, the same messaging and same end goal, but my role is more focussed on how one specific channel can do that.

Hope that helps!

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