“ Do you ever work from home? ”

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to Joanna B. Graduate, Direct Line Group

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Hi Tanya! I've worked from home a few times when I've needed to be in the house if we had maintenance people coming around or work that I needed to just get done at home. It's quite easy to do as we have a login website and a work security pass to use to login.
I don't really enjoy working from home as I like being near my co-workers to chat (and sometimes ask for help!), and I like going to the canteen for lunch and seeing other employees. I also find if I work from home then I have a lot of snacks during the day!
As a few people work from home on Friday there's around four people in my team who tend to come in and we have a relaxed Friday as a group which I really enjoy.
Some other grads work from home more regularly, especially if they have a longer commute than I do! My journey is about twenty minutes door to door and I prefer to make the journey and see my colleagues. I do know people who prefer it as they get more things done when they're at home (or because they can work in their pyjamas!). The experience varies a lot between different graduates, and I know grads who've sometimes visited their families or partners on Thursday evening and worked from their home on Friday so that they can spend more time with them. We do also have teams that are solely homebased but that depends on their role and their team.

Tanya F.

Thanks Joanna, great to hear about how flexible it is at DLG :)

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