“ What has been your experience on the graduate programme and how is it structured? ”

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to Mina C. Graduate, Direct Line Group

Graduate, Direct Line Group

Since getting on to the grad programme, I have been pleasantly surprised by the many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have always been supported in developing my soft skills as well as the more technical skills and knowledge required for each of my rotations. On the grad programme, there is the challenge of adapting quickly to the demands of your role, whilst also making a positive impact. I feel that this has made me more resilient and better equipped to take on future roles within the business. Furthermore, we are always encouraged to share feedback and suggestions which make me feel valued.

In terms of the structure of the grad programme, each individual will undertake four different rotations over the course of three years. The first rotation is for a year, whilst the second and third rotations are for 6 months and the final rotation for a year. One of the six month rotations is a customer facing role which gives you first-hand experience of relating to our customers. After completing these rotations, you would have completed the grad programme and will settle into a more permanent position. From the rotations I have completed so far, I have learned a great deal about various business areas and how they all interact with each other to make DLG a successful company. I have also enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and work with lots of different people across the business.

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