“ What makes DLG?s culture unique compared to other insurers? ”

Lisa T. asked a question in topic Life at the Company
to Pete B. Lead Digital Product Owner, Direct Line Group

Lead Digital Product Owner, Direct Line Group

Hi Lisa, thanks for your question. Culture is such a difficult thing to get right as it means something different for different people. I can't speak for other insurers, however, since we successfully IPO'd a little over 5 years ago there has been a huge shift in culture from our days as RBS Insurance. However, the one thing that underpins us is the value & trust we place in our people. Our people managers genuinely care about their teams and individuals. We are encouraged to have open conversations. We are treated as individuals who are more than just a DLG member of staff. We are parents, spouses, volunteers, musicians, pet owners.....whatever makes you unique. I love this culture. It means i know i can talk to my boss about anything and it's not off limits and i love being able to help my team, not just in their roles, but i can make a difference to their overall wellbeing outside of work too.

Brand Planning Manager, Direct Line Group

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